The Alliance was incorporated on August 12, 2004 as a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of Missouri and in compliance with the requirements of Section 501( c )3 of the Internal Revenue Code. It is designated a ‘public benefit’ organization and has no ‘members’ as defined by statute. The organization is managed by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors with a minimum of seven members. The number of the Board may be adjusted from time to time as provided in the Bylaws.

Mission Statement

The mission of the corporation shall be to promote public awareness, appreciation and education in astronomy and related sciences.

Our Vision

Alliance for Astronomy, Inc., exists to enrich human experience and nourish scientific interest and inquiry through the promotion of popular Astronomy in the greater St. Louis Area. This mission will be accomplished through:

  • Establishment and operation of an astronomical facility where the wonders and joys of astronomy and related sciences can be demonstrated to the general public. Hands-on opportunities for people to view astronomical objects with their own eyes by providing appropriate equipment, instruction and opportunity.

  • Providing popular, specialized lectures and demonstrations to illustrate and familiarize the basic concepts necessary to understand processes of government that impact astronomical issues and humanity’s access to and experience of the night sky.

  • Proactive efforts to help public, private and home school organizations and teachers improve science and mathematics instruction at all levels.

  • Provide resources for more advanced students, including college students and self-directed individuals, to enable them to contribute scientific knowledge through research.

  • Establishment of a corps of trained and qualified volunteers who will carry out the day-to-day activities in pursuit of our vision and accomplishment of this mission.

  • Enlist and encourage public-spirited persons, groups and organizations who embrace our vision and mission, and who will generously provide both capital and operating funds to make the vision real.

Contact Us

Send Mail to the Executive Director, Chuck Simms:

206 Old Chesapeake Dr

Wentzville, MO 63385