Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will manage the organization according to the Missouri nonprofit law, the requirements of Section 501( c )3 of the Internal Revenue Code and the Bylaws of the Corporation. While an interest in astronomy and/or astronomy education is desirable, they are not necessary. The members of the Board must possess skills and aptitudes appropriate to managing a business enterprise. The capital assets of the organization will be substantial and constitute a significant public trust as to their proper management. While annual revenues are not expected to be great, the value of contributed volunteer effort will be substantial, once again requiring astute management in the public interest.

Per the Bylaws, the board will be self-perpetuating in that it, and it alone, will nominate and elect board members. The initial board will consist of seven members, but this number may be increased (or decreased, but never fewer than seven) by board action. It is expected that the Board will increase its size whenever the need arises and qualified candidates can be recruited.

Board members will be expected to serve in actual practice and not in name only. Failure to participate in 75 percent of board actions will be sufficient cause for removal. Board members may participate in board actions by electronic or telephonic means, however.